Who We Are

About Horizon Veterinary Services, IncAlthough Horizon Veterinary Services was established in 2000, our partners have been working together since 1996. We attribute our longevity and success to several core values:

  • Mutual respect, even when opinions differ
  • A shared vision and a plan for achieving it
  • Open and honest communication
  • Selfless consideration for the needs of the business
  • Behaviors and decisions driven by integrity

These values have shaped our organization and serve as a solid foundation on which we build healthy practices.

All the Horizon partners have grown up in the veterinary world, yet our experiences are diverse. From an industry pioneer who opened the first 24-hour veterinary emergency practice in the country to a specialty certified technician who established one of the first veterinary assistant programs, our richly experienced team has broad expertise that's been proven effective in developing and sustaining stable, high-functioning veterinary teams.

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