Affiliated Veterinary Hospitals

Horizon Veterinary Services manages seven veterinary hospitals in five states. A unique benefit of Horizon's management philosophy is the ability for each hospital to maintain its own personality. Horizon provides structure, systems, guidance and direction based on many years of experience. We recognize that while many of the challenges and day-to-day operational details are the same, the people are different and, as a result, each hospital's needs are different. The idea behind this approach is that practice owners and employees are able to influence operations and culture and it is Horizon's job is to ensure that good decisions are made, pitfalls are avoided and the road to ongoing success is a smooth one.

Appleton, WI

Fox Valley Animal Referral Center

Green Bay, WI

Green Bay Animal Emergency Center

Cedar Rapids, IA

Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center

Jacksonville, FL

River Regional Animal Emergency and Referral Center